North Bay Housing Coalition can only succeed through the  power of its relationships and partnerships...our board of directors, our staff, and our community partners.



Mary has worked for North Bay Housing since 2001.  She brings both professional experience as a social worker and personal experience as family caregiver for nephew with Down Syndrome.

Executive Director

Mary Eble,  MSW

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Tyler started with North Bay Housing as a part-time consultant and is now the director of our housing services program.  She has tremendous dedication and drive to serve our clients.

Director, Housing Services

Tyler Stanley, J.D.


Kimberly keeps us on track and focused on our tasks

Administrative  Assistant

Kimberly Boyd

Board of Directors


Bill Allen

Vice-president and Treasurer

Elizabeth Clary


Judy Naimo


Nancy Gardner


Eric Martin


Twins with Down Syndrome in Wheelbarrow

We abide by the value--nothing about me without me.   We listen carefully to each individual so we can develop a person-centered plan together.

Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities

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Families are key to working on long-term plans for their loved one.   It's important to put together a team that works together.



NBRC was founded in 1972 as parr of the Lanterman Act to provide community-based services and support for persons with intellectual-developmental disabilities.

North Bay Regional Center

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Stephen Dale, Esq. is one of the leading expertise in the field of estate planning.  He is also the trustee of our Golden State Pooled Trust program.

Dale Law Firm

Team Encouragement

The partnerships with our local cities and counties allows us to develop housing and to provide more services to our clients.

City and County


North Bay Housing partners with fellow housing advocates throughout California through the Lanterman Housing Alliance. Click here for more information.


Lanterman Housing Alliance


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